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At Local Search Group we understand that Search Engine traffic is an essential factor that determines a business’s success online. For that reason, we’ve assembled an unparalleled team of experts who specialize in SEO, SEM & PPC, delivering powerful, long lasting results! We help you to manage your social media accounts to maximize visibility of your business. Through strategic targeting, effective digital marketing and complete focus on conversion optimization, we help established businesses achieve the highest possible level of success.

Searchability & Traffic

Searchability and Traffic can produce an increase in sales. Gaining visibility means creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. SEO is key to how your website is searched by search engines. Google has what is called PageRank. It is the ranking of most searchable and visited sites they access. The better your SEO is, the better your PageRank will be. PageRank is a factor that can determine where your website appears on search results. Local Search Media can get your business’ PageRank to increase and getting toward to the first page of results.

Benefits of PPC

Effective use of paid search advertising takes finesse. At their worst, search ads can come off as spammy and disingenuous, or be altogether ignored. When used appropriately pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns through platforms like Google AdWords, and Bing Ads provide your target audience with the relevant information they want, right when they want it.

Optimizations aside, the bottom line of any paid search advertising is always ROI. When goals are well defined and performance is measured against them, return becomes crystal clear. The campaigns we manage are continuously monitored and adjusted to maximize PPC ROI for the long haul—our clients typically double their conversions and halve their advertising spend.


Utilize Online Tools

Local Search Group can activate your GoogleMyBusiness Listings, this helps SEO/SEM campaigns by allowing your business to appear at the top of the potential customer/client’s search results when the person is near your business location. It will show up on the Google Maps area of Google results.

What our customers are saying:

I recommend Local Search Group to anyone who really wants to separate the wheat from the chaff…to anyone looking for a scientific data-centered approach, to getting the outcomes they want to have online.

Abbey BarthelMCI Communications

From an ROI standpoint, our Google AdWords campaign’s performance improved about 200% within the first three months we began working with Local Search Group.

Christopher ValverdeSystems Pavers LLC

The biggest benefit of working with Local Search Group is that we have more traffic visiting our site every day, and we are monitoring conversion rates to make sure that traffic is productive. Being able to track our online efforts, turn those leads over to our sales force, then see the increase in sold products is very exciting.

Frank MoretiAttendance on Demand

Maximize your business visibility online! Let Local Search Group promote your business.